"Without warning, they appeared from above..."

Fran and Freddy started shredding riffs on a 30 watt combo amp and a $50.00 drum kit. After grinding it out in the basement, building up a set list and recording a string of demos on a 4-track recorder, the time came to put out a record. 

1996 They form EVERGREEN RECORDS and start releasing their recordings. 
Their first offering is a four song EP titled "FAT-N-UGLY." 

1997 Their debut effort earns them a spot at the 1997 SXSW MUSIC FESTIVAL in Austin, TX. As a result, the 'buzzards are selected to appear on a compilation album called "MADE IN GEORGIA" under the NOISELAND label based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

That summer the 'buzzards land a last minute spot at the 1997 DEMO-LITION showcase held at the ROXY in Atlanta GA. 

A couple of new recordings appear on a two song disc which was void of any artwork and comes to be known as the White single. This follow up disc is only distributed among friends and industry contacts and includes the songs "Scar" and "Piledriver." 

The band ends the year with an acoustic set at the 1997 PHILADELPHIA MUSIC CONFERENCE

1998 THE LOVEBUZZARDS release "CYDONIA" a four song EP that includes a hidden track. 

1999 the band releases a three-song single titled "KILLING TIME." 

"EVERGREEN 2000/rumbling beneath," is the first compilation album released featuring friend's bands from Atlanta, GA. and New Orleans, LA. 

Before the year was out, the 'buzzards release "LIVEBUZZARDS - THE BOOTLEGS VOL. I" a collection of live cuts taken from their '97-'99 live performances. The Live Album is Mastered by Rodney Mills at Rodney Mills Masterhouse.

2001, the 'buzzards release "EVERGREEN 2002/beneath the surface" a second compilation album. This collection of songs is Mastered by Stephen Powell at Bull Moon Digital

Wally begins working with the band in an effort to edit and produce videos. Under the moniker WoNKaChiMP VISUALS, Wally produces a promotional disc for the band featuring two videos and three bonus tracks. 

2003 Wally joines the band on bass breathing new life into the group and solidifying the line-up. 

2004 The Lovebuzzards enter ZERO RETURN STUDIOS which results in the single "Slaughterhouse." 

Sun. Aug 21st 2005 The 'Buzzards organize and perform at SLUDGEFEST featuring BLACK AS DAY, LBP, WAITED, COLOSSICK and THE LOVEBUZZARDS the Event takes place at The Masquerade in Alanta. 

Sat. April 15th 2006 the Buzzards organize and perform at SLUDGEFEST II held once again at THE MASQUERADE in Atlanta. The second Festival offering features WITHERED, WAITED, BLACK AS DAY, THREAT OF LIFE, THE LOVEBUZZARDS, SUBURBAN CAMOFLAUGE, SYBARITIC, MAUDLINASH,  CELEPHAIS, ARMAZILLA

Aug. 12th 2006 The Lovebuzzards perform in support of HATEBREED, FULL BLOWN CHAOS and WAITED at The Masquerade.

Jan. 1st 2007 the 'Buzzards Organize and perform at SLUDGEFEST III also held at The MASQUERADEThis, the third installment to this ever growing underground music festival proves to be the biggest and most successful yet. It features: WITHERED, WAITED, THREAT OF LIFE, THE LOVEBUZZARDS, SYBARITIC, AUTUMN ARIA, ORGAN, VITRIOL, LOU BRAINARD PROJECT, BLACK AS DAY, ARMAZILLA, THE MURDERED, APATHETIC DISCHARGE, WHISKEY SHIT VOMIT and ATTILA.

April 25, 2007 the 'The Lovebuzzards perform in support of STATIC X, OTEP, 2CENTS at The Masquerade

March 22nd 2008 Sherry conducts an interview for her internet music site hometownbandstand/MooschMusic about news and upcoming projects. 

April 1st 2008, VERSAILLES RECORDS releases: LICK IT UP- A Millennium Tribute to KISS. Fran's lead and background vocals are featured on track No. 4 "I LOVE IT LOUD" Also featured are: AJ Caruso, Chris Heaven, Gerald Kloos and Richard Kendrick who also produced the cut. This Album includes three discs and a 36 page, full color booklet and was released nationally through a number of major retailers.

May 20th 2008 the 'Buzzards perform at Smith’s Olde Bar for the COMCAST LOCALS ON DEMAND LIVE concert. Their performance aires for Comcast Cable subscribers for the rest of the summer. 

Oct 10th 2008 The Lovebuzzards perform at the Southside Music Festival which is held at The East Atlanta Icehouse. The Event benefits the Atlanta Humane Society

Oct. 25th 2008 The 'Buzzards perform at HORRORFEST/Zombiewalk III 2008. This event is held at the at The Masquerade

June 21st 2009, braingell unsigned features the song "I LOVE CHAOS" on their weekly internet radio show. 

July 11th 2009 the Lovebuzzards enter Rex Trax Recording Studios to cut two new recordings. 

July 2009 "Slaughterhouse" becomes available on iTunes 

Nov. 28th 2009 The Single Feast of Famine is Released. It featured the Tracks: 
"Cast The Stone""Scar" and "Slaughterhouse" the first two cuts are recorded at RexTrax Recording Studios and Engineered by Paul Cobb, The third was a Recording from the Zero Return Studios sessions. All three cuts are Mastered by Bill Tullis at Sounds Atlanta.

June 11th 2010, Atlanta Punk, Ska, Hardcore Unit, State of Unrest, Release their long awaited Full-Length "Social Politics." The Opus features a Guest Vocal Spot by Fran on Track No. 13 "Self Propelled."

March 8th 2011, The Lovebuzzards debut on New Driven Radio - Your Indie Source the BEST of Indie Rock!  89.1FM WBCX - The Voice of Brenau University
Stream LIVE at:

March 25th 2011, The Seed Radio.Com debuts THE LOVEBUZZARDS and put the band's music in regular rotation. 

May of 2011 for the 15 year anniversary of the of the release, a remastered re-issue of the song "Fat-N-Ugly"  becomes available on iTunes. That same month the 10 year annivesary of  release of  the live Album "LIVEBUZZARDS VOL I - THE BOOTLEGS" also becomes available on iTunes for a limited time.                        

May 7th 2011, To be Reckoned with, the second Single from the forth coming Full-Length album is released. The disc featured the cuts: "Locomotive Train," "I Love Chaos" and "Mercifully" The first two cuts were recorded at Rex Trax Recording Studios and engineered by Paul Cobb. The third cut was recorded at Crooked Creek Studios and produced by Fran. All three cuts were Mastered by Rodney Mills at Rodney Mills Masterhouse.

Sept 30th 2011 THE LOVEBUZZARDS release "defeat yourself" the long awaited Full-Length studio LP. Digital Release on iTunes, Amazon mp3, Spotify, Rhapsody, emusic, iheartradio, etc. followed on Oct. 11th 2011.

July 10th 2012 Versailles Records releases TAKE YOUR WHISKEY HOME A Millennium tribute to Van Halen 1978-1984 featuring The Lovebuzzards' version of Van Halen's "Somebody Get Me a Doctor"

2014 Versailles Records releases PUPPET MASTERS A Millennium Tribute to Metallica's Greatest Hits 1983-2013 featuring The Lovebuzzards' version of Metallica's "Motor Breath"

Dec 18th 2014 The Lovebuzzards ink deal with New York City based indie label Factory Fast Records to appear on upcoming compilations.

March 10th 2015 Factory Fast Records releases The Evil Professor Y, A compilation featuring "Dungeon Party" by The Lovebuzzards.

March 31st 2015 Factory Fast Records releases BEGIN THE END AGAIN, A compilation featuring "Scar" by The Lovebuzzards.

July 7th 2015 Factory Fast Records releases GET IT! a compilation featuring the title track "Get IT" by The Lovebuzzards.

Dec 8th 2015 Factory Fast Records releases WAR GODS OF ROCK, a compilation featuring "Locomotive Train" by The Lovebuzzards.

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