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Cast The Stone

Lyrics: Fran
Music: Fran, Freddy and Wally

First you rise, Then you fall
First you walk, Then you crawl
First you bite, Then you maul
First you fight, Then you brawl

So small! Control! Overthrown! Stoned!

You heard the lies, Now you know
A selfish type, Life control
Once a friend, Now a foe
Ruled the world, Overthrown

So small! Control! Overthrown! Stoned!

Far Removed, Mindless scorn
To forgive, Is to free your soul
A selfish mind, Seeks to control
Held me down, Now I’ve flown

Control! So small! Overthrown! Stoned!

Blown! Control! Overthrown! Stoned!

Copyright © 2006
Arbor Aura Music Publishing BMI