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Lyrics: Fran
Music: Fran, Freddy and Wally

Don't wanna see your face
Don't want you to see mine
Don't want your company
I'll be doin' just fine

No need for conversations
Got no stories to tell
Don't want to hear 'bout your problems
That your livin' in hell

Hide I wanna stay inside
I just want to hide 
And live a private life

Not tryin' to be rude, It's nothing personal
I'm just not in the mood, Don't wanna be a host
I got tings to do, You're kinda in the way
You make me feel uncomfortable, Please go away

I'm not that entertaining, Don't feel like hangin' out
Please don't make my phone ring, I realy hate that sound
And I got a headache and I don't have the time
You make me sick, Just please get out

Leave me alone! Leave me alone! Leave me alone!

Copyright © 1993
Arbor Aura Music Publishing BMI