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Lyrics: Fran
Music: Fran, Freddy and Wally

There you go again, you're cuttin' me 
I heard what you said, you're knockin' me
I saw know what you did behind my back
you've provoked me into this attack

I won't stand to get another scar
Brace yourself cause you have started war

You probably think your killin' me
I won't go away so easily
You've betrayed my trust for the last time
Now I'll make the punishment fit the crime

Now you carry heavy consequence
You've got no one but yourself to blame
For being so weak so tired so lame
I would bet you just might go insane

Tell you once again saw through it all
Only thing you proved you have no balls
Cowerdess is all you've left to show
Regret for a lifetime all you'll know

Copyright © 1993
Arbor Aura Music Publishing BMI