The LOVEBUZZARDS formed in 1994 and were originally called disENCHANTed HAZe. Guitarist Vocalist Fran had recently relocated from New Orleans, LA. and was soon followed up by his drumming brother Freddy. In 1996 they formed their own label and started releasing their recordings. Their first offering was a four song EP titled "FAT-N-UGLY". Their debut effort earned them a spot at the
1997 SXSW MUSIC FESTIVAL in Austin, TX. As a result of the showcase the 'buzzards were selected to appear on a compilation album called "MADE IN GEORGIA" under the NOISELAND label based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. That summer the 'buzzards also landed a last minute spot at the 1997 DEMO-LITION showcase held at the ROXY in Atlanta GA. The 'buzzards ended the year with an acoustic set at the 1997 PHILADELPHIA MUSIC CONFERENCE. 1998 saw Fran emerge as an author, publishing his first book of writings titled "A Collection of Thoughts Vol. I".
The 'buzzards also released "CYDONIA" a four song EP that included a hidden track.

                        In 1999 the band officially became the LOVEBUZZARDS with the release of a three-song single titled "KILLING TIME".
"EVERGREEN 2000/rumbling beneath", the first compilation album under their EVERGREEN RECORDS label was also released featuring friends' bands from Atlanta, GA. and New Orleans LA. Fran also published his second book of writings titled "A Collection of Thoughts Vol. II". In Oct. of '99, with the 'buzzards in haitus, Fran accepted an invitation to join College Circuit band NOZMO KING on guitar and vocals and went on the road with them 'till June of 2000. Upon his return, he was eager to lay down tracks to numerous songs he'd written on the road. He also found himself with the bulk of the material for his third book. Before the year was out, the 'buzzards released "LIVEBUZZARDS VOL I - THE BOOTLEGS" a collection of live cuts recorded form '97 to '99 and also published two books: "Reflecting Upon" and
"The Adventures of Jonas".
                         In 2001, the 'buzzards released "EVERGREEN 2002/beneth the surface" a second compilation album and continued writing and recording. In 2002 Fran rejoined NOZMO KING for 6 month stint promoting the recordings of Brian Scott of which resulted a 4-song EP "NOZMO KING".

                        Their youngest brother Wally had been working with the label in an effort to edit and produce videos for the band. Together they formed WoNKaChiMP VISUALS, resulting in a promotional disc featuring two videos and three bonus tracks. Ultimately Wally would join the band on bass breathing new life and inspiration into the band.

                        In 2003 The Lovebuzzards entered NO RETURN STUDIOS which resulted in the single "Slaughterhouse". On Sun. Aug 21st 2005 The 'Buzzards organized and performed at SLUDGEFEST featuring BLACK AS DAY, LBP, WAITED COLLOSICK and THE LOVEBUZZARDS the Event took place at The Masquerade in Alanta.

                        On Sat. April 15th 2006 the Buzzards organized and performed at SLUDGEFEST II held once again at THE MASQUERADE in Atlanta. The second Festival offering featured WITHERED, WAITED, BLACK AS DAY, THREAT OF LIFE, THE LOVEBUZZARDS, SUBURBAN CAMOFLAUGE, SYBARITIC, MAUDLINASH,  CELEPHAIS, ARMAZILLA

                        On Jan. 1st 2007 the 'Buzzards Organized and performed at SLUDGEFEST III also held at The MASQUERADE. This, the third installment to this ever growing underground music festival proved to be the biggest and most successful yet. It featured: WITHERED, WAITED, THREAT OF LIFE, THE LOVEBUZZARDS, SYBARITIC, AUTUMN ARIA, ORGAN, VITRIOL, LOU BRAINARD PROJECT, BLACK AS DAY, ARMAZILLA, THE MURDERED, APATHETIC DISCHARGE, WHISKEY SHIT VOMIT and ATTILA.

                        On April 25, 2007 the 'Buzzards opened for STATIC X, OTEP, 2CENTS at The Masquerade. On March 22nd 2008 Sherry conducted an interview for her internet music site hometownbandstand/MooschMusic about our upcoming projects. On May 20th 2008 the 'Buzzards played Smith’s Olde Bar for the COMCAST LOCALS ON DEMAND LIVE concert. Their performances would aire for Comcast Cable subscribers for the rest of the summer. The 'Buzzards were invited to perform at the Southside Music Festival which was held at The East Atlanta Icehouse and took place on Oct. 10, 2008. The Event benefited the Atlanta Humane Society. The 'Buzzards were also invited to perform at HORRORFEST/Zombiewalk III 2008. The event took place on Oct. 25th 2008 and was held at the at The Masquerade
                        On June 21st 2009, braingell unsigned featured the song "I LOVE CHAOS" on their weekly internet radio show. On July 11th 2009 the Lovebuzzards entered Rex Trax Studios to cut two new recordings. In July 2009 "Slaughterhouse" became available on itunes. A remastered reissue of the song "Fat-N-Ugly" will also soon be available on itunes. The LOVEBUZZARDS remain busy recording for a full length album and playing select dates.


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